Wait, Don’t Throw Away Those Tickets



Summer is in full swing, the kids are out, you’ve probably visited a few places.  Don’t throw away those tickets! Use them to make a summer memory bowl. Browsing through the pages of the Family Fun magazine, I came across this idea of a Summer Souvenir Bowl.  What a great idea!  Summertime is a great time for kids and families and when it come to an end, even though there is excitement of school starting, there are those days of wanting the summer days and nights to return.  This is a great idea to remember the fun times and be able to look back on them when the summer closes and the fall begins to roll in.  So, no, don’t toss those tickets, they are worth memories. In fact, this is a good idea, even for yearly keepsakes.


Stress of Plane Travel Worth It?

Alarm clock set for 5 a.m., Yes! I can do it.  Dropped my husband off at work the night before so we could get there on time.  Nine and a half years ago Dicky started working for an airline. I resigned at my job to be at home with our then six month old baby boy. Deciding to stay home was an up and down roller coaster, though in the end, staying home was the end of one ride and the beginning of a new one.  The combination of flight benefits and the choice to stay home, William and I started using the flight benefits and traveling often.  We saw a lot of baseball, traveled to many states and visited my hometown of Chicago and Dicky’s hometown of California.  It was a time of fun with a lot of learning. Fast forward one year from my last travels on an airplane, relying on my early travel expertise, we set out to Chicago to see my side of the family as the oldest two kids’ summer vacation began.  Sitting on the airplane, I thought to myself, we did it! I did it! Security and the flight were successful minus a couple of blunders.  No major breakdowns and a mostly calm baby, an older sibling helping a younger and a nap for baby, big sister and Dad.  Yes, travels–on a plane (in a public space) with kids (little, young kids) can be stressful and feel not worth it, though with a few pairs of hands, a semi-plan of organization, a few musical plane chairs, trips to the hardly fit one person bathroom, a couple snacks (mostly sugar) and not worrying too much about the plane company, we pulled off our travels with four kiddos with mostly high spirits and arrived all in one piece. We are enjoying excursion number one of the summer.


Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and A Mascot Head

Crowds, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, this weekend I had the opportunity to hang out at the ballpark for a few baseball games.  Baseball has always been a big part of my life since childhood.  I loved watching the Chicago Cubs and had my secret crushes on the baseball players like Mark Grace and Ryne Sandburg.  We had a good time and the kids always love the special treats they get at the ballpark.  As we were watching the game, I was reminded of an experience I had with William. When William was younger we traveled a lot to watch one of my brothers play professional baseball.  At the time he was playing for the Louisville Bats and we had become regular visitors to the park so we knew where the players and their families could hang out when the kids got restless sitting in the seats or needed a place to stretch.  William needed some time to move around, so we went to the family area.  William was playing and I was watching him.  Buddy the Bat is the Louisville mascot and we had seen him around often.  William had seen him and loved him!  Buddy the bat walked into the kids playroom, sat down and took off his head (his mascot head), sat it on the floor next to him and by time he had done this, he realized that we were in the room and William had watched the whole thing.  Buddy looked at me, I looked at him and we both looked at William.  William had not idea what to make of it.  He was about two and a half.  Buddy asked if he should put the head back on. I said no.  We left it at that and continued on.  The look on William’s face was classic. I wish I would have had a camera.