Wait, Don’t Throw Away Those Tickets



Summer is in full swing, the kids are out, you’ve probably visited a few places.  Don’t throw away those tickets! Use them to make a summer memory bowl. Browsing through the pages of the Family Fun magazine, I came across this idea of a Summer Souvenir Bowl.  What a great idea!  Summertime is a great time for kids and families and when it come to an end, even though there is excitement of school starting, there are those days of wanting the summer days and nights to return.  This is a great idea to remember the fun times and be able to look back on them when the summer closes and the fall begins to roll in.  So, no, don’t toss those tickets, they are worth memories. In fact, this is a good idea, even for yearly keepsakes.



Today we did another fun summer activity, we went on a picnic.  It was spontaneous!  A few things were left behind but we remember the things we needed.  We headed for Pineview Reservoir, near Ogden, UT.  My mom is in town from Chicago and she enjoys scenic rides.  The pineview ride was one that I remembered and a bonus was that there is a beach so the kids could swim.  Oh, I need to start remembering to take pictures!  I will be better at that.  It was a hot day today and after all the sunscreen lathering and item collecting, we headed down to the beach.  Oh boy, the sand was scorching hot! I don’t think I have felt sand like that ever.  We finally made it down to the water.  The water was warm! It was great.  I watched the kids as they played and enjoyed seeing them splash, jump, swim in the water.  The landscape is beautiful.  A lake surrounded by mountains.  I love the mountains, it is one reason I was convinced to live in Utah.  Though, it is still a toss up between the Lake Michigan shores in Chicago! We swam, we enjoyed the warm weather, the time away from out routine of things.  We had our picnic and it was great to be together.  Many times it is so hard to get out the door, prepare and get going, but it is so great once we are on the road.  I am thankful spontaneity worked out today!


Keeping Growing Minds Busy–48 Summer Activity Ideas

The summer is in full effect, the kids are out of school!  I have one in school, William, and he is so used to being busy that I have had to be proactive and think of some things to do this summer.  My younger kids have a blast going along with the fun activities too!  I have spent some time on Pinterest gathering ideas.  The websites I visited most were: U Create, 101 Kids Summer Activities, 100+ Science Activities for kids and 500+ Activities for Kids. It is a great place to spark the creative side.  Today, I hit a couple of stores collecting materials for some activities this summer.  So far this summer we have had an obstacle course, water balloon fight and marshmallow shooters.

1. Paint Rocks

2. Go to the zoo with your zoo passport

3. Hiking

4. Bowling

5. Camp Out in the Family Room

6. Make S’mores

7. Go on a picnic

8. Scavenger Hunt

9. Have a water balloon fight

10. Indoor Fort

11. Fun Summer Reading Program

12. Make a time capsule

13. Go to a drive-in movie theater

14. Go Camping

15. Camp out in your backyard

16. Homemade Marshmallow Shooter

17. Make a video

18. Treasure Hunt

19. Make root beer floats

20. Ice Cream Party with toppings

21. Make Puppets and have a puppet show

22. Bucket Game

23. Make a fruit salad

24. Alphabet Treasure Hunt

25. Board game day

26. Feed ducks at a lake

27. Splash Pad

28. Balloon Tennis

29. Sandbox Scavenger Hunt

30. Indoor Hopscotch with pillows and tape

31. Neighborhood reading party serve snacks

32. Go on a stay-cation (with a pool)

33. Summer Journal

34. Summer Exercise Program

35. Make treats and deliver to neighbors

36. Homemade pizza night

37. Window markers

38. Sponge ball tag

39. Around the World

40. Science Experiments

41. Shaving Cream Slip and Slide

42. Neighborhood clean up

43. Easter Egg Hunt

44. Pool noodle race track

45. Dress up party

46. Water Balloon Pinata

47. PVC Pipe Play

48. Make homemade Gak