Yes, Life is Achievable

Endurance. “With a little endurance, you will make it through.”  A phrase I have heard many times. I agree, put your best foot forward and plow through the deep waters of whichever circumstance may be weighing heavily at the time.  Though today, I was given a different perspective on enduring.  Often times when I think of endurance, I think, wow, I must complete this whole big challenge and come through it with flying colors and  feel a deep sense of happiness at the end–after I have endured for so long. Enduring, It can be such a cumbersome world that can suck the energy from you along with the fun and enjoyment of life.  When I hear the word endure, I can feel my anxiety and panic heighten, knowing I am in for the long haul and that even at the end of it all, I have found other things that need my endurance too.  This endurance thing is a lifelong battle it seems.  And, a dreaded phrase most of the time.  Though, today, today, I was enlightened, I was relieved of my imperfection and the necessity of battling endurance. Today, I have been able to take the word endure and see the positive, happy side of the most dark word somedays.  Today, I learned that enduring can be for a few seconds, for an hour, for a day, for a week. It can be adjusted to you and the amount of energy you have to get through the rough waters of life.  Much of the time when big goals are holding our for achievement, they become a drag, boring to do and the end gratification seems so far off.  With this new view on this word, these achievements seem attainable.  Getting through a hectic day with kids, pressing financial burdens, the idea of eating healthy every single day to achieve a fitness goal, health challenges, emotional challenges, spiritual challenges.  Today, I learned to endure is adjustable to how much you can handle and take.  It is there to nudge along, for encouragement and to realize, yes life is achievable.


Stress of Plane Travel Worth It?

Alarm clock set for 5 a.m., Yes! I can do it.  Dropped my husband off at work the night before so we could get there on time.  Nine and a half years ago Dicky started working for an airline. I resigned at my job to be at home with our then six month old baby boy. Deciding to stay home was an up and down roller coaster, though in the end, staying home was the end of one ride and the beginning of a new one.  The combination of flight benefits and the choice to stay home, William and I started using the flight benefits and traveling often.  We saw a lot of baseball, traveled to many states and visited my hometown of Chicago and Dicky’s hometown of California.  It was a time of fun with a lot of learning. Fast forward one year from my last travels on an airplane, relying on my early travel expertise, we set out to Chicago to see my side of the family as the oldest two kids’ summer vacation began.  Sitting on the airplane, I thought to myself, we did it! I did it! Security and the flight were successful minus a couple of blunders.  No major breakdowns and a mostly calm baby, an older sibling helping a younger and a nap for baby, big sister and Dad.  Yes, travels–on a plane (in a public space) with kids (little, young kids) can be stressful and feel not worth it, though with a few pairs of hands, a semi-plan of organization, a few musical plane chairs, trips to the hardly fit one person bathroom, a couple snacks (mostly sugar) and not worrying too much about the plane company, we pulled off our travels with four kiddos with mostly high spirits and arrived all in one piece. We are enjoying excursion number one of the summer.


Quantity vs. Quality

A thought keeps popping into my head, I was in a group setting and the question of quantity vs. quality came up in regards to spending time with children.  As I sat and listened to the comments that were expressed, I had time to think about the question that was asked: Is it more important to spend time with your kids or give them all that you have when you spend time with them.  The answers were mixed.  One person expressed that it is a combination of both.  With this answer I realized that my thoughts were along the same line.  I thought about the two sides.  I have done both and I have lacked in both at some point or another.  Quantity is great, I am at home with my children.  I have a lot of time I can spend with them but I have to admit that my quality is not so good at times.  I have also realized that when I give my kids my all, quality, the quantity becomes secondary.  So, to me as I thought about it a little more, I believe that quality ranks a little higher, even though my original thoughts leaned more toward a combination of the two. I believe giving children as much time as you can is great!  Though, I believe if the quality of the time is low, then the quantity is not quite as significant.  What is your thought?


The Sequel to Our First Wresting Match

William seemed so uncomfortable when he was born!  He seemed so scared! We couldn’t get through a diaper change without him screaming his head off.  It was terrible.  He had such a hard time sleeping all the time and I remember being up with him and he wouldn’t calm down.  I didn’t understand, I didn’t know what was wrong with him.  My first baby, and I didn’t know what to do! So, on my re-found love for reading, I continued reading. After Happiest Toddler on the Block,  I read the book Happiest Baby on the Block.  This one would have been really helpful for my first kiddo!  But, it worked like a charm for my second and my third children.  In fact, my third starts his shhhh,’s when it is time for him to go to sleep.  In the book Happiest Baby on the Block, Harvey Karp, M.D. talks about ways to calm a crying baby and help them sleep longer.  He talks about the 5 “S’s.”  Swaddling, Side, Shhhh, Swinging and Sucking.  The five S’s are there to create a resemblance to the womb.  Dr. Karp suggests that the first three months a baby is out of the womb in the world is more like a fourth trimester.  Baby is getting used to everything happening around them. The five S’s combined increase the likelihood of a happier baby.

Personally, I was skeptical at first though I tried the 5 S’s and it settled each of my babies (with the exception of William because I hadn’t read it yet of course).  I recommend this book to all parents, especially those who are looking to calm and relax their new crying, uncomfortable baby.


Have you read this book?  What do you think? Leave me a comment!