Journey of an Inanimate Object

Inanimate ObjectsSitting there at the edge of the bed as my three-year old is falling asleep for nap time, I glance to the closet and see my nine-year old’s old gym shoes, sitting there, still, nothing happening.  Looking at them, I think of the life my son gives to this object, he runs, he jumps, he ties them.  He has used them, they have holes. He is so hard on his shoes!  I can hardly believe it.  Scanning the objects around me, the books, the beds, the blankets,etc.  Amazing the life we bring to them. Amazing the memories we keep from them.  His sweater, I take it down, it is blue, zips up in the front and I can picture him as a three-year old. Emotional, tears form and I think he will never be three again.  Continue with the closet clean out, I am about to give this simple sweater away, no, I am going to keep it for 30 more years. His son will wear it.  Maybe.  Years ago before having children, I came home from work, my husband was traveling, alone,  I was sitting on the couch, staring at the  blank t.v. and thought how we give so many inanimate objects life.  Without our existence they mean nothing.  They are things, they sit, they don’t move. We move, we live, we give life.  Objects they help us form memories, feelings, thoughts. My mind, returning to his athletic shoes, grateful they were sitting there and grateful for the journey of an inanimate object.





The Mailbox: A Letter, A Surprise, Something Special for Me

IMG_0551“It’s my turn, It’s my turn,” Isabella was expressing in her fervent voice as she ran to the mailbox.  William had already won the race to the mailbox.  I watched them as they ran to the mailbox and noticed how much they enjoyed doing this.  I know as an adult I look forward to getting mail, the fun kind of course.  As I think back, when I was a kid, I had a mailbox, one from Fisher Price or something similar.  I can picture myself looking in the mailbox, wondering when the mail was going to arrive or how it was going to get there. When it appeared, I would be there to get it! I Wondered if there might be a letter, a surprise something special in that box for me.  That must be the excitement of the little ones–wondering if there is something mysterious and fun in the mailbox.  That day, I decided that they would each get their own mailboxes. I wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together or how it was going to work, or if they would even like it.  I decided to have them make their own mailbox, well, at least paint their own mailboxes.  We went to the craft store, picked up some unpainted wood boxes and brought them home to paint.  William, Isabella, Daddy and Mommy and even one for Liam who was not born yet.  They enjoyed this project and the idea that they would receive mail.  We found a spot on a shelf in our family room that fits all of our mailboxes.  When the red flag is up, there is mail! I write to each child, just a simple letter.  The way I organized it is beginning with how the day was, notice some good things I saw in them during the day and remind them of some things they could work on to help themselves become better in their relationships, behaviors and actions with their family, friends and those they interact with. I include a little treat along with the letter. Perhaps it is the treat they like!  Though, I have found that it is a great way to communicate and spend time with my children. We became quite regular at our mailbox time though for some reason we stopped. I thought the kids didn’t enjoy it, I thought I didn’t enjoy it.  Today, I realized that I did enjoy it even thought it takes a bit of extra work. I also realized that it makes a difference to my kids and myself.  I have not committed to everyday of mailbox though I will work to fit it in as much as I can. If you are looking for a fun way to spend time, talk to, or read to your kids, try a mailbox!

I include below an example of a letter I write to my kids.

Dear William,

Wow! I can’t believe how fast today went.  Today was your first day of 2nd grade!  How did it go? (He usually answers *smiles*) I have noticed that you have been working really hard at being an example to your brother and sister.  That really helps mommy and daddy and our family.  Thank you for doing that.  Oh, I also noticed that you had a harder time sharing your toys today. Do you think you could work on sharing when your sister is asking?  Alright, time for bed!


Dad and Mom

I usually include this as part of our bedtime routine.  It is relaxing for the kids and for me. I have found it is a good way to wind down the day.

Have you used a mailbox with your kids? Does it work for you and your family?


Our First Wrestling Match: Leaving the Park

Adventure land for kids, William loved parks as a toddler.  He still loves parks but we have come a long way since one of our first outings to the park.  It was a perfect day for the park, I along with one of my friends and her little boy walked to a park down the street from our home.  William was so excited to be there! I was excited for him! He played, he ran, he slid down the slides and climbed the stairs.  At some point the park fun was going to need to end.  That time came.  I let William know it was time to go, his stroller was waiting and a simple thing I thought, he will get back in the stroller. All will be good. Surely, he will understand he has had his fun, it is time to go home.  Wrong.  I was met with an outraged little boy.  I wrestled him into his stroller, that was that, we had an audience by this time.  I was sweating and flushed from the wrestling match.  He and I both feeling defeated.  It was a turning point for me. I thought to myself, there had to be a different way.  There was something that I had missed.  A few days later I was visiting with my friend, she had some books on her table.  I can’t remember if it was sitting out, or if she went to get it, but the book was there, The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D. I went home, I visited amazon.com and made one of my first book purchases as a stay at home mom.  Happiest Toddler changed my perspective on working with my child and what he needed from me.  I continue to be grateful for the introduction to this book.  One of the parts that stands out to me and has become part of my daily routine–I used it with William, Isabella and currently with Liam–is Toddler-ese.  Toddler-ese is a way of speaking to Toddlers in a way that makes sense to them.  Short phrases, acknowledging feelings, repeating back to them and showing them that you understand how they feel by mirroring their gestures and tone.  I know, it may sound crazy and when tried this new language, it felt a little uncomfortable, but I have used it and I can verify that it works!  So, if you are having trouble communicating with your kiddo, learn toddler-ese. I recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block to everyone who interacts with toddlers.  It is a great resource. The next time we adventured to the park, we were able to leave in happier spirits.


Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and A Mascot Head

Crowds, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, this weekend I had the opportunity to hang out at the ballpark for a few baseball games.  Baseball has always been a big part of my life since childhood.  I loved watching the Chicago Cubs and had my secret crushes on the baseball players like Mark Grace and Ryne Sandburg.  We had a good time and the kids always love the special treats they get at the ballpark.  As we were watching the game, I was reminded of an experience I had with William. When William was younger we traveled a lot to watch one of my brothers play professional baseball.  At the time he was playing for the Louisville Bats and we had become regular visitors to the park so we knew where the players and their families could hang out when the kids got restless sitting in the seats or needed a place to stretch.  William needed some time to move around, so we went to the family area.  William was playing and I was watching him.  Buddy the Bat is the Louisville mascot and we had seen him around often.  William had seen him and loved him!  Buddy the bat walked into the kids playroom, sat down and took off his head (his mascot head), sat it on the floor next to him and by time he had done this, he realized that we were in the room and William had watched the whole thing.  Buddy looked at me, I looked at him and we both looked at William.  William had not idea what to make of it.  He was about two and a half.  Buddy asked if he should put the head back on. I said no.  We left it at that and continued on.  The look on William’s face was classic. I wish I would have had a camera.


My Humorous Mommy Life! And, the Everyday Adventures of I Did It!

I have been thinking about my blog and my writings.  There is so much that goes on in life.  My original thoughts of My Humorous Mommy Life! as I turned around and found my toddler on the table was wow! I could really not like that or hey, I can find the humor in this and laugh about it.  That day I sat down and wrote about my day, I chose to look at things with a sense of humor.  I was grateful I did.  I also know in my life, there are so many different things that go on in a day when it comes to being a mom, when it come to being a parent, when it comes to being human. So much of the time we forget about how well we do and how much we accomplish!  In the everyday, there are so many things that we have to, want to, hope to do.  Sometimes it is for our children, sometimes it is for ourselves or others.  I would like to open up my writing to include the many different adventures that are involved in my life as each day progresses.  My biggest adventure right now, hence the title of this blog is motherhood, though there are other adventures that are experienced as well. In my re-thinking process, I have adjusted the title of my blog a bit to My Humorous Mommy Life! And, the Everyday Adventures of I Did It! Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments, ideas, suggestions! If you are on facebook, like My Humorous Mommy Life!



Today we did another fun summer activity, we went on a picnic.  It was spontaneous!  A few things were left behind but we remember the things we needed.  We headed for Pineview Reservoir, near Ogden, UT.  My mom is in town from Chicago and she enjoys scenic rides.  The pineview ride was one that I remembered and a bonus was that there is a beach so the kids could swim.  Oh, I need to start remembering to take pictures!  I will be better at that.  It was a hot day today and after all the sunscreen lathering and item collecting, we headed down to the beach.  Oh boy, the sand was scorching hot! I don’t think I have felt sand like that ever.  We finally made it down to the water.  The water was warm! It was great.  I watched the kids as they played and enjoyed seeing them splash, jump, swim in the water.  The landscape is beautiful.  A lake surrounded by mountains.  I love the mountains, it is one reason I was convinced to live in Utah.  Though, it is still a toss up between the Lake Michigan shores in Chicago! We swam, we enjoyed the warm weather, the time away from out routine of things.  We had our picnic and it was great to be together.  Many times it is so hard to get out the door, prepare and get going, but it is so great once we are on the road.  I am thankful spontaneity worked out today!