Build ME Blocks

A passion that I have is to help kids enjoy learning, help them learn their responsibilities, enjoy life and inspire them. For several years I have been working on putting together a program that focuses on all of these areas. I came up with Build ME Blocks. The website is up http://www.buildmeblocks.com and so is my blog http://www.buildmeblocksblog.com. It would be great if you would stop by! If you know anybody that would be interested, it would be great if you could pass buildmeblocks.com along. Thank you as always for reading!


Self-Reflected Question: A Healthy Level of Child Sport Competition

Melissa Purcell

“Go, William, Go!” Our family was watching William play basketball.  He had played on a previous team and his coach asked if he would like to play on a different team with himself as one of the coaches along with other kids who enjoyed playing basketball.  I felt a little reserved in my heart.  William is a great athlete and he definitely had the capability though I felt reserved about the level of competition. William is eight. My husband at times has mentioned the necessity for drive of competition.  While I agree, sports are competitive and the objective is to win, my question becomes: how does it not become all about winning and the competition.  I could see William in the game, regressing, taking himself out.  Was it because me, as the primary person who interacts with him has discouraged him from competition in sports or is it not a…

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A Moment of Childhood Reminiscence

Walking to the park, renting a video, a bus ride to the mall on a rainy day.  I loved spending time with my Mom as a kid.  I enjoyed being at her side and the security of knowing that she was there and that she took time with myself and my brothers and sister.  The other day, I remembered the trips we used to take as kids and perhaps it was nostalgia for my earlier years but I had the deep desire to spend time with my kids and be with them.  In the world today, it is so easy to get caught up in the have to’s of everyday. I find myself doing it quite often.  I have to stop myself and be reminded they (my kids) will only be little for so long.  It is hard to remember that when in the mist of dirty dishes, messy floors and dirty laundry galore. It may not be possible to always make the time though when it really feels inspired, I say go for it.  Even on those tough days.  This time we went to the zoo.  We had fun, we walked, we saw the animals, we went into the reptile house.  I found out my daughter loves snakes.  Who would have thought?  They really gross me out.  We had fun watching the sea lions.  And my youngest was amazed with the trees and rocks.  I am glad for the moment of childhood reminiscence and the time it gave me with my kids, to build theirs and my memories.