A Magnificent Baby Journey

2014-08-12 18.07.27

“Mommy when are you going to have another baby?” my soon to be seven-year old daughter asked me.  “Olivia is our baby, she completes our family,” I gently told her.  The conversation continued on with something about her having six kids, then eight and then down to two and me saying something like, have as many as you feel you can handle.  Rocking my baby Olivia Mae to sleep, a somber realization crossed my mind as she fell asleep without being nursed and our/my final weaning of a nursing baby comes to a close.  My realization was that the day would come, my baby and I would separate from our nursing days an continue on in love and enjoyment of one another.  What I didn’t fully anticipate was the mourning of closing my womb and never having the miracle of life grow within my belly.  Snuggling Olivia Mae close, she wiggled at my slightly more smothering love.  Wanting to remember her as a baby, which she hardly is anymore in the age range of things.  We will be celebrating her birthday on August 12.  She will be one. Holding her close I remember the first time I held my own baby.  An unimaginable feeling.  Looking at him now, he is almost ten and I can hardly believe it when I look at him.  I am scared as he grows and as time passes.  I am scared because he is getting older and so am I.  Have I taught him the things he needs to know, will he grow into an exceptional man and be kind to those he comes into contact with? Will he know how to fight the battles that he faces–the unkindness and cruelty of the world–without being broken.  But then to be human is to break once in a while but not to break too many times–hopefully, though to grow majestically with each of those breaks.  Rocking Olivia, she touches my face as if to ask what are you doing and why are you holding me so tight?.  I just want to remember her. I want to remember each of my babies.  Time passes–so slowly but so quickly at the same time.  Advice from Mothers and Women who have been there, “Enjoy them while they are little, it seems forever but it passes so quickly.  You will long for these days.” Is that possible?  When days seem so long and so busy and so tiring. When I feel like I am at my breaking point.  Will I long for these days?  Though it is hard to admit, I think I might have to agree, I will long for the days of my little ones.  Not so much the yucky stuff like sick tummies or things like that but watching them grow and smile and walk and talk and becoming familiar with their world and recognizing they are alive and to live is for their joy.  I sit down with Olivia, wrap her in my fleece, I don’t have one of her blankets around. She stirs, she moans, she wakes, I stand up, rock her, she rests her head on my shoulder. She is comfortable.  Should I put her down to sleep? She is peaceful. No, I want to hold her, I am still not done remembering.  Remembering how stubborn my oldest daughter was to be born and how fast my third child came into this world and the excruciating pain I felt with his birth. And with Olivia how, yes, I am a wimp, did not want to feel that pain again and chose to be induced.  Remembering when she was born how tiny she was and what a miracle she was!  Physically my body was worn during my pregnancy with Olivia and each day I worried that she may not make it into this world.  Wondering if I would experience holding one of my newborns again and how I yearned to hold her.  Grateful, she was born and I was able to hold her.  I really thought she was going to be a boy but she wasn’t she was my most precious little newborn girl.  Each baby miraculous in their own right. Each so different and each I hold in my heart the feeling of holding their little bodies next to mine. Never really thinking about having children or how many I might have,  I am thankful for each one of their lives and the experiences I received from each one.  Closing the chapter on my baby bearing years, I mourn that time and look forward to this next set of years that lies ahead while keeping my babies snuggled in my heart.


What was your experience when you knew you were done having children?


Hibernation for Twelve Months, Too Much to Ask?

2004, the year I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  Exciting and new and ready for a new adventure.  Pregnancy progressed and I saw my body changing.  I thought it was just the belly, that is where the baby grew after all.Time progressed, I got through the beginning, the hardest part for me.  Sick, tired and just didn’t quite feel like me.  Once passed the sickness, uncontrolled hunger.  Where did this come from?  I wanted to eat everything and my weight began to reflect it.  40 weeks passed and I gave birth to my firstborn son.  An amazing experience.  Now, I find myself in my 6th pregnancy, my 4th to term pregnancy and I have found that I am not the greatest pregnant woman nor do I marvel in being pregnant.  Hibernation for 12 months or so would not be so much to ask, would it?  Approaching my 28th week, entering my third trimester, I cannot believe the time has past as quick as it has for this pregnancy.  After a miscarry in October of 2013, I feel like I have been pregnant forever (I was able to get pregnant again in November 2014).  In my previous pregnancy, I really didn’t take the time to enjoy the life that was growing inside.  I was focused on the weight I was gaining and why with each pregnancy I feel like I have such lack of control when it come to food during pregnancy.  I have worked to focus on the growth of baby and not worry so much about  my lack of physical activity (though I try to be as active as possible).  My body hurts this pregnancy around and I know that this is the last time I will be pregnant.  I work at focusing on the kicks that are happening inside, the growth, the life that is living vs. the roundness of my face or the extra weight I will be left with after baby arrives.  As I write, she kicks, she moves and I know that she is there. It’s as if she knows that I am writing about her and her life to be.  Life is a miracle, the growth of a child is a miracle. As I realize this, I work to set aside my insecurities to enjoy these last encounters with pregnancy: kicks, side sleeping, rolling out of bed, physical limitations, round belly, awkward pregnancy waddle.  I know as this season of my life comes to a close, I will miss it. Though I am ready for the continued adventures of motherhood and parenting.