Yes, Life is Achievable

Endurance. “With a little endurance, you will make it through.”  A phrase I have heard many times. I agree, put your best foot forward and plow through the deep waters of whichever circumstance may be weighing heavily at the time.  Though today, I was given a different perspective on enduring.  Often times when I think of endurance, I think, wow, I must complete this whole big challenge and come through it with flying colors and  feel a deep sense of happiness at the end–after I have endured for so long. Enduring, It can be such a cumbersome world that can suck the energy from you along with the fun and enjoyment of life.  When I hear the word endure, I can feel my anxiety and panic heighten, knowing I am in for the long haul and that even at the end of it all, I have found other things that need my endurance too.  This endurance thing is a lifelong battle it seems.  And, a dreaded phrase most of the time.  Though, today, today, I was enlightened, I was relieved of my imperfection and the necessity of battling endurance. Today, I have been able to take the word endure and see the positive, happy side of the most dark word somedays.  Today, I learned that enduring can be for a few seconds, for an hour, for a day, for a week. It can be adjusted to you and the amount of energy you have to get through the rough waters of life.  Much of the time when big goals are holding our for achievement, they become a drag, boring to do and the end gratification seems so far off.  With this new view on this word, these achievements seem attainable.  Getting through a hectic day with kids, pressing financial burdens, the idea of eating healthy every single day to achieve a fitness goal, health challenges, emotional challenges, spiritual challenges.  Today, I learned to endure is adjustable to how much you can handle and take.  It is there to nudge along, for encouragement and to realize, yes life is achievable.


Mommies Need Encouragement Too: Meeting Goals

Encouraging my kids, helping them to learn to believe in themselves and face their challenges has been something I enjoy helping my children do.  There will be times I tell my kids, ages eight and five that I am working on something, trying to be better at something– I have set a goal for myself.  It amazes me that when I let them know this, how encouraging they are.  If they see me slip or fall off track, they like to help me get back on track.  It is nice having support come from my kids and in turn, I know that they are able to see that there is reason to work toward something, there are reasons to set goals.  They can also see there are times that I do fall off track and that it helps to have reminders–like their little voices–to get back on track and keep on going. I enjoy knowing that my children learn that there is great achievement in goals and that their encouragement plays a role in my achievements.



The Student is Me

I was reflecting the other day about the time in my life when my husband and I decided to bring children into our life and share our world.  My husband and I looked at each other, our lives were going good.  Not too much that we weren’t handling.  We had been married for two years and felt as ready as we could.  I thought to myself, time will pass and it will be good to be able to share the time with a little one, teaching, inspiring, directing.  A little student!  Little did I know that it was me who was going to be the student!  As I have been in the role of parent, I have been taught, inspired and directed more than I ever imagined!  It is a miraculous learning experience and I continue to learn and grow everyday.


Our First Wrestling Match: Leaving the Park

Adventure land for kids, William loved parks as a toddler.  He still loves parks but we have come a long way since one of our first outings to the park.  It was a perfect day for the park, I along with one of my friends and her little boy walked to a park down the street from our home.  William was so excited to be there! I was excited for him! He played, he ran, he slid down the slides and climbed the stairs.  At some point the park fun was going to need to end.  That time came.  I let William know it was time to go, his stroller was waiting and a simple thing I thought, he will get back in the stroller. All will be good. Surely, he will understand he has had his fun, it is time to go home.  Wrong.  I was met with an outraged little boy.  I wrestled him into his stroller, that was that, we had an audience by this time.  I was sweating and flushed from the wrestling match.  He and I both feeling defeated.  It was a turning point for me. I thought to myself, there had to be a different way.  There was something that I had missed.  A few days later I was visiting with my friend, she had some books on her table.  I can’t remember if it was sitting out, or if she went to get it, but the book was there, The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D. I went home, I visited amazon.com and made one of my first book purchases as a stay at home mom.  Happiest Toddler changed my perspective on working with my child and what he needed from me.  I continue to be grateful for the introduction to this book.  One of the parts that stands out to me and has become part of my daily routine–I used it with William, Isabella and currently with Liam–is Toddler-ese.  Toddler-ese is a way of speaking to Toddlers in a way that makes sense to them.  Short phrases, acknowledging feelings, repeating back to them and showing them that you understand how they feel by mirroring their gestures and tone.  I know, it may sound crazy and when tried this new language, it felt a little uncomfortable, but I have used it and I can verify that it works!  So, if you are having trouble communicating with your kiddo, learn toddler-ese. I recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block to everyone who interacts with toddlers.  It is a great resource. The next time we adventured to the park, we were able to leave in happier spirits.


My Humorous Mommy Life! And, the Everyday Adventures of I Did It!

I have been thinking about my blog and my writings.  There is so much that goes on in life.  My original thoughts of My Humorous Mommy Life! as I turned around and found my toddler on the table was wow! I could really not like that or hey, I can find the humor in this and laugh about it.  That day I sat down and wrote about my day, I chose to look at things with a sense of humor.  I was grateful I did.  I also know in my life, there are so many different things that go on in a day when it comes to being a mom, when it come to being a parent, when it comes to being human. So much of the time we forget about how well we do and how much we accomplish!  In the everyday, there are so many things that we have to, want to, hope to do.  Sometimes it is for our children, sometimes it is for ourselves or others.  I would like to open up my writing to include the many different adventures that are involved in my life as each day progresses.  My biggest adventure right now, hence the title of this blog is motherhood, though there are other adventures that are experienced as well. In my re-thinking process, I have adjusted the title of my blog a bit to My Humorous Mommy Life! And, the Everyday Adventures of I Did It! Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments, ideas, suggestions! If you are on facebook, like My Humorous Mommy Life!



Today we did another fun summer activity, we went on a picnic.  It was spontaneous!  A few things were left behind but we remember the things we needed.  We headed for Pineview Reservoir, near Ogden, UT.  My mom is in town from Chicago and she enjoys scenic rides.  The pineview ride was one that I remembered and a bonus was that there is a beach so the kids could swim.  Oh, I need to start remembering to take pictures!  I will be better at that.  It was a hot day today and after all the sunscreen lathering and item collecting, we headed down to the beach.  Oh boy, the sand was scorching hot! I don’t think I have felt sand like that ever.  We finally made it down to the water.  The water was warm! It was great.  I watched the kids as they played and enjoyed seeing them splash, jump, swim in the water.  The landscape is beautiful.  A lake surrounded by mountains.  I love the mountains, it is one reason I was convinced to live in Utah.  Though, it is still a toss up between the Lake Michigan shores in Chicago! We swam, we enjoyed the warm weather, the time away from out routine of things.  We had our picnic and it was great to be together.  Many times it is so hard to get out the door, prepare and get going, but it is so great once we are on the road.  I am thankful spontaneity worked out today!


Different Ways of Seeing the Same Thing

eskimoI had been waiting for a good moment to introduce the seeing things from a different perspective concept to my kids.  Found it today.  William and Isabella were fighting and as an adult I realize that kid fighting is mostly a lack of knowing that we can all see things differently.  Doesn’t mean that one is wrong and one is right, just that we can have different opinions.  This happens quite a bit and now I have a method to help it resolve or at least give them a thinking opportunity. I found a bag that looks kind of fun and picked up some sunglasses, silly glasses, reading glasses, goggles from the dollar store.  I also included the well known picture of the Indian/Eskimo (sorry if I gave it away), depending on which way you look at it.  I asked the kids to look at the picture.  They didn’t quite get it and then I pointed it out.  I explained to them that a lot of times when they think the other person is not being nice (or fighting) happens because we are seeing things in different ways.  It doesn’t mean the other is necessarily wrong, just that’s the way that person sees it.  So, if you want to try it, go for it.  Let me know how it works for you! Or, what you think.



Indian/Eskimo pictures (one of just the Indian, the other where you can see the Indian and Eskimo)


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