Go, Climb a Tree!

“Mom, I want to be your age,” my oldest daughter, who is six, said to me.  My heart nearly broke.  When I think about life, being an adult and going from kid, teenager, young adult, adult, into older adult, getting older adult and so on…I think of how little the time is to be a kid!  12 years out of 100 or so (hopefully).  As a kid, I watched my parents, I thought, yeah, I want to make my own decisions when I get older, use the phone when I want, go to sleep when I want, eat when and what I want but I never realized how great I had it as a kid. Yeah, I had to listen to my parents and a lot of time I didn’t want to do what they said though as a parent now, I realize, I had it pretty good as a kid.  We had money to get us through,simple vacations and drive-able cars, my parents took care of us and taught us how to be self-sufficient.  We played with fisher price toys, played hopscotch, rode our bikes outside, caught lightning bugs on summer nights and enjoyed the stickiness of hot summer nights.  We scraped our knees, watched Scooba Doo, Gidget and I Dream of Jeannie.  Computers were barely coming into homes for personal use.  Now, it seems like computers and technology are taking over and kids feel like they have to move faster, live in fantasy worlds and give up their childhood.  I say, go climb the tree outside, enjoy the fresh air, spring breeze, fall crispness, winter freeze and summertime fun!  Swim in pools, read outside, play at the playgrounds.  Run, play tag, fall down. Have as much fun as you can in your 12 childhood years, being a grown up comes fast and then you wonder, where in the world did childhood go?  And, responsibility, isn’t that for parents?


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