Idea: Getting Through Bedtime Challenges

With young kids, bedtime can be rough.  So much excitement during the day, running around, a running thought.  So, how to get them to settle and look forward to bed.  A little creativity, maybe? I love to hear the different ideas about kiddos and how to encourage them to take responsibility for themselves.  The other day a friend of mine and I were talking.  She had mentioned her kids bedtime routine had become a little hectic and it was wearing at her.  She went with a “sleep fairy” idea, encouraging her kids to close their eyes for the night and to get their much needed rest.  Though, the sleep fairy would not be able to come until they were sound asleep.  When she did come, a little gift would be left under their pillow.  She shared that this idea has been helping to have a more relaxed bedtime routine.  So, if you are having trouble with kids getting to bed, give this idea a shot!

Do you have any other ideas that have been especially successful with your kids?  Please share!


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