Mommies Need Encouragement Too: Meeting Goals

Encouraging my kids, helping them to learn to believe in themselves and face their challenges has been something I enjoy helping my children do.  There will be times I tell my kids, ages eight and five that I am working on something, trying to be better at something– I have set a goal for myself.  It amazes me that when I let them know this, how encouraging they are.  If they see me slip or fall off track, they like to help me get back on track.  It is nice having support come from my kids and in turn, I know that they are able to see that there is reason to work toward something, there are reasons to set goals.  They can also see there are times that I do fall off track and that it helps to have reminders–like their little voices–to get back on track and keep on going. I enjoy knowing that my children learn that there is great achievement in goals and that their encouragement plays a role in my achievements.



2 thoughts on “Mommies Need Encouragement Too: Meeting Goals

  1. I love this! As a mother of a 2 year old boy and 11 month old baby girl…Your experience sets a precedent for me! Thank you for sharing your experience in setting goals and teaching children the importance of setting goals ! This makes me happy! You are an amazing example to your children! And to me:) thank you!

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