Self-Reflected Question: A Healthy Level of Child Sport Competition

Melissa Purcell

“Go, William, Go!” Our family was watching William play basketball.  He had played on a previous team and his coach asked if he would like to play on a different team with himself as one of the coaches along with other kids who enjoyed playing basketball.  I felt a little reserved in my heart.  William is a great athlete and he definitely had the capability though I felt reserved about the level of competition. William is eight. My husband at times has mentioned the necessity for drive of competition.  While I agree, sports are competitive and the objective is to win, my question becomes: how does it not become all about winning and the competition.  I could see William in the game, regressing, taking himself out.  Was it because me, as the primary person who interacts with him has discouraged him from competition in sports or is it not a…

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