Quantity vs. Quality

A thought keeps popping into my head, I was in a group setting and the question of quantity vs. quality came up in regards to spending time with children.  As I sat and listened to the comments that were expressed, I had time to think about the question that was asked: Is it more important to spend time with your kids or give them all that you have when you spend time with them.  The answers were mixed.  One person expressed that it is a combination of both.  With this answer I realized that my thoughts were along the same line.  I thought about the two sides.  I have done both and I have lacked in both at some point or another.  Quantity is great, I am at home with my children.  I have a lot of time I can spend with them but I have to admit that my quality is not so good at times.  I have also realized that when I give my kids my all, quality, the quantity becomes secondary.  So, to me as I thought about it a little more, I believe that quality ranks a little higher, even though my original thoughts leaned more toward a combination of the two. I believe giving children as much time as you can is great!  Though, I believe if the quality of the time is low, then the quantity is not quite as significant.  What is your thought?


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