Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and A Mascot Head

Crowds, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, this weekend I had the opportunity to hang out at the ballpark for a few baseball games.  Baseball has always been a big part of my life since childhood.  I loved watching the Chicago Cubs and had my secret crushes on the baseball players like Mark Grace and Ryne Sandburg.  We had a good time and the kids always love the special treats they get at the ballpark.  As we were watching the game, I was reminded of an experience I had with William. When William was younger we traveled a lot to watch one of my brothers play professional baseball.  At the time he was playing for the Louisville Bats and we had become regular visitors to the park so we knew where the players and their families could hang out when the kids got restless sitting in the seats or needed a place to stretch.  William needed some time to move around, so we went to the family area.  William was playing and I was watching him.  Buddy the Bat is the Louisville mascot and we had seen him around often.  William had seen him and loved him!  Buddy the bat walked into the kids playroom, sat down and took off his head (his mascot head), sat it on the floor next to him and by time he had done this, he realized that we were in the room and William had watched the whole thing.  Buddy looked at me, I looked at him and we both looked at William.  William had not idea what to make of it.  He was about two and a half.  Buddy asked if he should put the head back on. I said no.  We left it at that and continued on.  The look on William’s face was classic. I wish I would have had a camera.


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