When Nothing Seems Right, Go Camping! (Or, spend a couple hours at a campsite)

Not sure how many have had days like my previous two days, nothing seemed right and everything was wrong.  I just couldn’t shake the mood.  My very good friend and her family go camping quite a bit and she has worked to persuade me for over a year to come with them.  I have a problem with outhouses (I know, strange, but it is my thing).  Anyway, I committed last year to go with them, but being pregnant with her third child and the burden the pregnancy put on her body she was put on bed rest.  So, I lucked out.  She didn’t camp again for the season.  But, guess what, this camping season is here and they are at it again.  This weekend they are camping in Ogden, UT.  Beautiful there!  I can’t say we went camping, but I can say that we spent a few hours with them at their campsite with a few other friends.  The work to get things together, even for an afternoon is crazy!   But, I did it!  My oldest was in school and I drug my two youngest on a few errands to get ready for our mini outing.  My two youngest napped after getting home (well they fell asleep in the car) and I was able to get things done.  Didn’t leave the house perfect by any means but I was at least able to get the dishes in the dishwasher.  That was good for me.  We (my family and I) left around 3:10 pm.  Goal time of 3:00 pm.  So, we did pretty good.  Got through some traffic and then were into the scenic views of northern Utah.  I teetered for a night and morning about all the work that needed to be done and really didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t have called my friend and made a number of excuses as to why we wouldn’t be able to make it.  But, something kept pushing to get to it and get away for a few hours.  Those few hours, even though a ton of work lowered my stress levels by an enormous amount and I have had a bit of renewed energy.  So, if you are down, struggling with a ton of life’s pressures, go camping or get out, spend some time in nature.  It does wonders for the mind and for the body!


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