Oh, Those Little Immune Systems: Asthma & Food Allergies

As time continued and William and I got to know each other a little better, we encountered several learning experiences.  Mostly in the health area. I know kiddos get sick, it seemed that William always got a little sicker.  One of my first experiences with his health was, well two of my first experiences  were: Reactive Airway Disease (couldn’t be diagnosed as Asthma until age 5) & Food Allergies.  His first sick season was a trialing one.  His little lungs would close up on him and he was not able to get air into his lungs.  We ended up at Primary Children’s hospital a number of times until we were able to get his “Reactive Airway Disease” under control. He ended up using the Nebulizer to get his albuterol and several different inhaled steroids until we found the one that helps to lessen the intensity of asthma attacks.  I dreaded every time he got a cold.  It was always so hard to see him not feel well. The good thing is that his body has grown and it seems to handle his Asthma a little better.  I am not  a big fan of the medicine he has to take, afraid of the long term effects possible on his body, but it is what he uses to control his Asthma at this point.

Food Allergies, a whole other ball game, kind of.  His Asthma flairs up with a food reaction. I had put William down for a nap, when he woke up  his eyes were swollen.  I thought I had been overreacting, so I called my sister. He was about six and a half months and I really didn’t know what it could be.  Or, if I was seeing things.  My sister came over, she lived near by and confirmed I was not overreacting.  That day changed my life with William.  I called his pediatrician, made an appointment.  I was advised he “probably” had food allergies.  His pediatrician at the time seemed to have disregarded it as something that I should have to worry about.  On his attitude, I went ahead and thought it was no big deal, how bad could food allergies be? I am not sure at what point we were referred to an allergist, but we were.  From eight months until current we still work with his food allergies.  William was prescribed a epipen, and over the counter benadryl  as well as his rescue inhaler or nebulizer machine, should a reaction occur.  I visited http://www.foodallergy.org/ and educated myself regarding this trial William had.  I was hoping it would be simple and that it would dissolve over the years. It has not, we have learned to live with it and do the best that we can to live the most normal lives we can.  My main concern was having him feel different than the other kids.  At times he does and we work through it.  We are always very open to talking about his trials with food.  His allergies are pretty unique.  They include: wheat, oat, rye, eggs, nuts, soy and some of those in related to the main allergens.  The list look small right now, maybe I have just become used to it.  I was amazed at how many products contain these ingredients or at least one of the ingredients.  William has been in anaphylaxis three times.  We have found alternatives to many items and have focused and continue to focus on healthy eating.  He is able to eat fruits, vegetable and lightly seasoned meats and rice. I have definitely learned a lot and mostly how character is built through trials. About a year ago, after an endoscopy he was diagnosed with Allergic (Eosinophilic) Esophagitis.  He has to swallow a steroid to prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of this diagnosis.  I know things could be much worse or he could be suffering with other illnesses, though at times it can be quite worrisome.  And, I can’t help but think sometimes, that I wish he could eat anything he wanted.  Perhaps someday he will.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Those Little Immune Systems: Asthma & Food Allergies

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