“Just the Chicken”

A continuation of my previous post on Food Allergies.  I would like to mention there has been an enormous amount of information that I have learned in regards to working with William and his food allergies.  I have learned how to help William keep a positive outlook when it comes to food.  It is kind of tricky because sometimes my attitude is poor. I really try to not let him see this.  Food is necessary to living and I want him to think of food as a good thing.

There are times when we want to eat out, so I have learned which restaurants to eat at with William.  Unfortunately, many food establishments don’t realize how serious food allergies can be and they look at it as no big deal.  I have had experiences where I have told establishments specific food allergens and William has still reacted.  It can be a little tricky.

Where William can eat out:

  • Wendy’s: Fries and Grilled Chicken Breast (hold all condiments, no bread, served in a container
  • Subway: Chicken Breast (no bread, just he chicken)
  • Panda Express: Steamed Rice

When we eat out, these are the places I know for sure he can eat at without having any type of allergy attack.  William and I have a running joke about Subway, they can be pretty uptight about purchasing the Chicken Breast without anything else, I have had so many different responses from them. For the most part they have been compliant, but William and I always joke, “Just the Chicken.”  Because they just can’t believe it.  It is funny to us. Wendy’s has always been good at providing what we need and when they make a mistake, they fix it.  Usually without any trouble. Panda Express, it is just steamed rice.  It works out pretty well.

A couple of big things I have learned:

  • McDonald’s Fries have a seasoning that contains wheat.
  • If oil has been used for frying a breaded product it can cause an allergic reaction, fries need to be cooked in their own oil and not shared with something else on the menu especially if it is breaded.

2 thoughts on ““Just the Chicken”

  1. Hi! My 3 year old daughter has been allergic to pretty much everything that is in everything too. We find that going out or taking trips have been difficult, especially when we, as busy moms don’t have the time to carefully prepare a meal and just need to drive through somewhere. Our list is as limited as yours for food outings, but I never thought about Subway or Wendy’s. That just makes our convenient food resources a bit better. Thank you! (And thanks for the tidbit on the McD’s fries. I was about to let her try a couple yesterday to see if she would react, but was very hesitant, thinking that in order for it to taste that good, there certainly has to be something she may be allergic to)!

    • Hello, thank you for your comment! Gosh with the food allergies, I was introduced to a whole new world, as I am sure you have been as well. I also have found that William can eat Burger King Fries, they are cooked in oil of their own, not shared with any other food. Overall, eating out can be very frustrating. I typically buy his food from another restaurant and bring it in or bring food from home. But, he likes to eat out too. 🙂

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