Unique Time Spent With My First Child

It was all so new to me.  Diapers, Nursing/Feeding, Irregular Sleep Patterns (these continue), Crying, Screaming, not knowing what to do. A little human being to take care of.  We made it to six months…nine months…twelve months…I was a Mom.  Being at home,  I played with William, looked at him, he still hadn’t started to talk, so the conversation was little.  What I didn’t realize at the time was how that was a unique time to be spending with him.  As, I look back on that time, now that I have three kids, it is a time I only was able to spend with him.  He was the only child at the time.  With my next two, William kept me busy and so did the new baby Isabella, so I never experienced that same feeling of unique time again.  So, what I am saying is if you have one kiddo right now and plan on having more, enjoy that special time with your first.  It is a neat experience (whether you are going to have one, can only have one, or are going to have more).


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