The Funnies Kids Say and Do

Upstairs, folding laundry today, I left Isabella and Liam downstairs watching Elmo’s Potty.  Content and Happy.  It was quiet, so I gathered the clothes to bring downstairs.  Walking down the hallway, I peek over the railing, “Bella, what are you doing,” I ask.  Liam, laying on the couch, diaper off, “I am changing Liam’s diaper, it smelt like pee.”  Bella is four, Liam is 18 months. I never found William changing Bella’s diaper when they were that age (same age difference).  It was funny and new to me.  This reminded me of some of the other things that my kids have said, so I thought I would share them:

The tooth fairy visited William.  Grandma advised he put his money in his bank account–real bank account. William’s response…”I tried, my bank is too full.” That is…his piggy bank!

Dicky: “Bella put your toys upstairs.”
Me: “Bella…put your toys upstairs.”
Bella: “I’m putting them under my chair you filthy animal.”
Thank you to the movie Home Alone…

William: “Hey Dad, Dad…”
Dicky: “Yeah”
William: “Mom didn’t clean any work shirts, you just want to take the day off?”

Bella: “Mom can you give me the barf out of your pocket?”
Me: “the what?”
Bella: “the barf”
Me: “it’s bark Bella…”
Bella: “oh,” (laughs)

What have your kids said or done to make you laugh?


2 thoughts on “The Funnies Kids Say and Do

    • Thank you for your comment! I know it has been awhile. Yes, kids can definitely add some variety to the day to day things of life! And, yep, sometimes I say some pretty interesting things around here too. I can tell when I have done it my husband gives me “the” look. 🙂

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